JABOP - Prep My Book

JABOP - Prep My Book

If you have writen, or are about to write, a manuscript and are looking for help in getting that ready for print let JABOP help.

Some of the services that JABOP can provide are:
  • Help with setting up all of the necessary accounts for Print On Demand and Sales channels.
    This includes setting up the feature of direct deposit to your bank for the royalties you will be earning.
  • Design and formatting of your manuscript in preparation for publication.
    This includes structure, selection of typeface, pagination, and overall style.
  • Design of the Front, Spine and Rear cover in preparation for publication.
    This includes the complete look of the cover graphics and text.
    Provide assistance with licensing any needed copyrighted artwork.
  • Manage the interface with the POD (Print On Demand) supplier.
    This eliminates the complexity and learning curve for you, the writer, allowing all of your focus and energy to be applied to finishing your manuscript.
  • Provide trainning on how to track your sales and royalties once your manuscript is released.
    Once your book is available for sale you will know how to track your sales and the royalties that those sales create.
You do not need to have finished you manuscript in order to get started.

Most writers find it advantageous to begin the process prior to completion of their manuscript.

The reasons are many, but two major ones lead the pack.

The first is that by starting the process before the manuscript is complete the time needed for setting up the accounts, designing the interior and the cover does not impact the eventual release date. (Can you say multitasking/multiprocessing?)

The second reason is that by completing the process with a partial manuscript, you, the Author, can put out of your mind the anxiety of how to finalize your book once the manuscript is complete.
Removing that lingering set of questions has proven to have a mind freeing effect to many previous authors.

When you are ready discuss your project
simply send an E-Mail to:
We will be happy assist you in any way that we can.

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