Sun City WoodWorks

Sun City WoodWorks

26850 Sun City Boulevard
Sun City, California 92586

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To provide a safe place to enjoy learning and doing various wood working projects.



Membership is open to Sun City residents. Anuall dues are currently $10.00 per year from January 1st through December 31st.

Hours of Operation

The wood shop is usually open
Monday through Friday from 9:30am - 11:30am AND 12:30pm - 3:30pm.
This sechedule is based on the availability of a SAFETY MONITOR being present.
There are a number of safety monitors who have volunteered to take a scheduled shift for the convenience of our members.
If there is no safety monitor present then the wood shop is not available for use.

Requirement to Sign in and out

Each person who uses the Woodshop must sign in/out of the log book.

Safety Monitors

Safety Monitors are members who have been approved to monitor safe operating practices in the wood shop and have the authority to restrict access to the facility by anyone who is not following the safety proceedures, policies, and best practices.
Safety Monitors are also able to issue receipts for any donations and material purchases.

Safety Procedures

Always operate equipment in a safe manner. If you need instruction or assistance in performing an operation safely ask the safety monitor for help.
Click here for the general Safety guidelines and proceedures.

Emergency / First Aide

In the event of any Emergency or Injury that requires medical attention call 911 immediately!

For a general reference on FIST AIDE proceedures look on this page.

It is highly recommended that all persons who enter the shop be familiar with FIRST AIDE techniques.


All of the equipment in the shop is owned by the Sun City Civic Association.
Any equipment purchased by the club is required to be donated to the SCCA.

To see Safe operating instructions and cleaning/maintenance proceedures for specific peices of equipment please go the the equipment page.

Shop Layout

The shop floorplan showing major pieces of equipment and the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers, first aid equipment


There are some materials available for free to members.
There is also a growing selection of higher quality wood/plywood available for purchase at significantly lower cost than is available at the local stores.
See the posted price lists or ask a SAFETY MONITOR about it.


Sun City WoodWorks is organized as a club under the Sun City Civc Association. Although the association pays for the room, electricity and major equipment it is up to the club members to purchase all of the consumables.
Donations and anuall dues go towards items such as glue, brads/staples, and the purchase of blades, etc.

Repair Projects

In addition to the projects that our members bring in for themselves there are a number of times that residents of the community bring in items that need repair.
These should have a tag filled out and attached to them showing what type of repair is desired. Our members are welcome to tackle these. Please talk with the safety monitor to indicate your intentions and coordinate who is working on what.

Sample Projects from some of our members

Here is a sample of some of the things that our members have made.