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Sun City WoodWorks

26850 Sun City Boulevard
Sun City, California 92586

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Sun City WoodWorks - SAFETY

General Safety

No unsafe activity will be tolerated!


Loose fitting clothing that may be able to become entangled with moving parts of power tools must be restrained.
A tie wrapped around a drill bit in a drill press is a sad image that none of us wants to see.

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection

Use of Respirators / Dust Masks

Use of Chemicals

Handeling awkward sized material

Clamps, Guides, Featherboards and Push Sticks

Approval to use specific tools

Special instruction is available and a sign off sheet required prior to the use of several specific pieces of equipment in the woodshop. This is to insure that they are operated safely and according to the manufacturer's specifications.
Your Safety Monitor can assit you with this.

Clean up

It is the responsability of the members to keep the shop clean. This means that each member should clean up the areas and equipment that they have prior to leaving.
There is no janitorial service that performs this task and it is unfair to ask the safety monitors to do all the cleaning.