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A History of Saint Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church Sun City/Menifee California by Marlene Hanson

Act To Learn - Daddy Knows Best by Shelly L. Fletcher

Act To Learn - Miss Prefix Beauty Contest by Shelly L. Fletcher

Costs and Consequences by Mark S. Fletcher

Hero or Tool by Mark S. Fletcher

How I Did It - House Painting over 60. Me, not the house! by Mark S. Fletcher

I Met a Man Named John by Mark S. Fletcher

Letters From the Boys by Allene Arthur

Living with Nuts. The high fibre of STRESS by Mark S. Fletcher

Messages In The Sand by Dorothy Parcel

Modifying Uncle Phil's Diner for specific venues by Shelly L. Fletcher

Murder at the Fancy Frills Tea Room by Maxine Holmgren

My Life, This Time Around by Yasue Aoki Kidd

Navy Daze by William Valitus

T.I.D.E. 5 by Richard E. Harthun

Taking the 25th by James Ryan

The Compass of the Chosen One by Richard E. Harthun

The creation of Massive Meat Surprise or How to get your kids to eat meatloaf by Shelly L. Fletcher

The High Stress Diet by Mark S. Fletcher

The Imperfect Lady by Richard E. Harthun

The Store Story by Kathleen Y. Robinson

Wolf by Bob Schurr


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